Who are the outreach programs for?


The Programs offered are a community response for families to the geographical isolation and limited resources experienced in our neighbourhoods. It is difficult to provide all the things children need at the best of times – high levels of unemployment and low wages can cause even more worries.

Our programs are offered in communities where people live to make access easier. As well, when we are able, we offer transportation to programs. For many families – the outreach programs offer relief, a kind ear and support when and where it’s needed most—close to home…

“The program helped me learn that many things are important in my life – especially parenting, education, family, friends, support and values.”

“Kids Action Program gives my children a chance to go places they would not normally go.”

“In my case I appreciate someone coming to my home where I and my children are most comfortable.”

So, our focus is helping parents and children who are under resourced. We value the input we receive from families and endeavour to provide meaningful services. We provide a supportive environment where many things become possible. With limited resources – our staff cover thousands of kilometres every year to help hundreds of families.

Here are a few of the things we do:

  • Play Groups  
  • Support for families facing unique challenges such as serious illness, learning disabilities, family court issues
  • Parent-Child Mother Goose Program
  • Hiking Programs  
  • Address issues related to poverty and advocate for poverty

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